People expect higher quality, zero buffering, and compatibility with all of their devices. StreamOne helps you deliver on these expectations using its flexible powerful streaming platform.

We offer two kinds of services:
The StreamOne Video Platform and our very own
StreamOne Cloud Hosting.

Both our hosting service and Video Platform Software
have a high-end foundation and are fully customizable
and scalable to fit any kind of project.

StreamOneVideo platform

YOUR OWN PRIVATE VIDEO PLATFORM Our software allows you to build your own private video platform, on your own infrastructure, using your own network resources, but continually monitored and managed by us. StreamOne offers a scalable and robust platform with a flexible API, easy to integrate into apps, websites and CMSes. Get in touch for more information. Let us draw up a plan that fits your business requirements.

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StreamOneCloud hosting

HOSTING VIDEO IN OUR CLOUD Use StreamOne Cloud Hosting to host your video content within our own Cloud Platform, 100% based on the StreamOne Video Platform. Especially suited for smaller projects, or in cases where using your own infrastructure is not necessary or desirable. Of course including access to our flexible API which allows you to publish and manage your content with great ease.

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Below you will find a number of different and very diverse streaming video projects that have been delivered by us. These are both relatively small but complex projects, and large high-bandwidth scalable platforms for big websites, and Web / Mobile / SmartTV applications.

  • Runs on virtual TMG infrastructure
    Aggregate statistics web and app
    Scalable capacity (streaming, transcoding)

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  • Hybrid VM / bare-metal install
    Uses own storage appliance
    Redundant multi-datacenter setup
    Efficient workflow via Tweakers CMS

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  • Bare-metal Video Platform
    Uses Unilogic iSCSI storage platform
    User-signon through SOAP API

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  • 1000+ oral history videos
    116 hours of video content
    55 old Dutch state miners

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