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Create your own Video Cloud: StreamOne Platform allows you to set up your own high-performance Private Video Platform or Cloud service.

StreamOne Platform will run on virtually all types of infrastructure and private or public cloud services.

StreamOne Platform runs on any hardware or private/public cloud service.

You are not tied to a single infrastructure or cloud service.

You can combine multiple types of infrastructure within a single platform, for example by combining local infrastructure with public cloud services such as Amazon or Google Cloud for an optimal balance in performance.

Performance is guaranteed because this is a Private Video Platform solution, not shared with other customers. This means performance will always be there when you need it. The Platform configuration will be tailored to best fit your specific performance requirements, offering the best value for money for your organisation.

In order to assure high performance and quality, we or one of our Partners can manage and monitor your platform. This assures the highest possible performance and quality.

This is a short version of the StreamOne Platform specifications. A PDF-download with full specifications will be added soon.

  • Streaming: On-demand, live streaming
  • HTTP: MPEG-DASH, HLS, HDS, ISS, Progressive
  • Live Ingest: ISML (adaptive), RTMP (single bitrate)
  • Formats (out): MP4, WebM
  • Video Codecs (out): H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9
  • Storage: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OpenStack Swift, MogileFS, NFS/Samba share
  • DRM: CENC, Marlin, PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay, Verimatrix, Irdeto, Adobe Access, Marlin
  • Integration: API (JSON), Events (POST)
  • OS: Debian/Linux 64-bit

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  • Hybrid hardware: both VMs and bare-metal
    Uses existing storage platform
    Redundant multi-datacenter setup
    Efficient workflow via Tweakers CMS

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  • High volume streaming media platform
    Set up for multiple TMG brands/titles
    Optimized for high publishing speed
    Very scalable and future-ready

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  • Uses Unilogic VMware Platform
    Existing storage platform + MogileFS
    Integrated single-signon for users

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